Our products are wide ranging and can be manufactured for individual applications

Epoxy resin formulations, also lovingly known as EPOXIES, are versatile plastics that are found in almost all areas of daily life. We not only offer individual custom solutions from the field of special resins but also have suitable standard products for industrial applications in our product portfolio.

Adhesive bonding

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In the professional sector, there is no such thing as an all-purpose adhesive. Each problem requires an individual solution, taking into account the substrate, adhesive surface and adhesive gap. Our product portfolio includes both 1-component and 2-component adhesives, which cure based on a range of mechanisms (cold-curing, heat-curing, UV rays, dual cure).


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Epoxy resin casting compounds impress with a variety of processing and moulding material properties. The viscosity ranges from watery to pasty.

These optimised, thermally and chemically stable epoxy resin casting compounds are ideal for automated processing in production lines but also for manual casting tasks for highly complex components. Thanks to the individual formulations, they can cover a range of properties from thermally conductive to flame-retardant to highly flexible.


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EPOXONIC sewerage repair products
have for more than 25 years been characterised by user-friendly processing, especially with robots.

Our portfolio includes the following products:

(for incoming groundwater)
(joint filler)
(moulding resin with very low density 1.04)
(quick moulding and levelling resin)
(new moulding resin DIBt approved)

Special properties of all products are for example the curing at low temperatures >5°C, on wet surfaces whilst sustaining a good chemical resistance.

We have provided proof of the excellent product quality with the DIBt approvals (DE) and VSA approvals (CH).

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In addition to numerous epoxy resin formulations, we also offer adhesives and casting resins for professional further processing as part of industrial applications.

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