We take the lead in professional epoxy resin formulations

Together with our customers, we develop individual and innovative solutions and products.
We rely on short distances between the research, development and production departments as well as our expertise, which has been ever growing for over 30 years.


Company Founder & Main Shareholder

„EPOXONIC has to still exist in 25 years.“

After a number of different apprenticeships and a degree from the State School of Engineering, Reiner Habrich started working in the Siemens development department in Munich.
Being notoriously curious, inquisitive and willing to try things, he became an expert in the development and application of epoxy resins. Together with his partners Manfred Bauer and Manfred Hoefle, he founded EPOXONIC GmbH in 1990, which started as a spin-off from Siemens.
From the beginning, the focus has always been on "helping the customer to become successful" thanks to high-quality products and absolute reliability in processing and customer service.
In order to ensure EPOXONIC GmbH's continued existence and to support his passion for science and research, e.g. in the field of hydrogen technology, he founded the non-profit Reiner Habrich Foundation in 2011.
In summary, Reiner Habrich sees his life and work as the result of his great love of freedom and its foundation in his strong faith.

Role in the company:

Versatile, committed initiator and company founder / "head of the family".

Why do you love Epoxies:

"An almost inexhaustible source of application possibilities, whereby epoxies, then and now, fascinate me and feed my curiosity for new things."


Managing Director, CEO

„EPOXONIC is unique and must stay that way“

Ludwig Guggenberger studied technical chemistry at the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg and knows the company like few others, which is why he still likes to test himself in the development department, explores the latest techniques in production and encourages his employees to try things and to think outside the box. For him, flat hierarchies and an approachable personality are the success factors of his leadership. For his customers, he wants products to be tested and understood, so that they can be used in the best way possible.

Role in the company:

A realistic, solution-oriented doer and managing director.

Why do you love Epoxies:

"Almost unlimited usability in a wide range of applications."


Operational Manager, COO

„Successful together thanks to quality“

Monika Kreilinger studied chemical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, where she dealt extensively with interdisciplinary bionics, especially the artificial production of spider fibres. It was here that she developed her passion for research and development. Her expertise is based primarily on her many years of experience in the development department and in-depth professional exchanges with her colleagues. As Operational Manager, she also keeps a close eye on her colleagues, processes and the organisation. Her motto: Together instead of against each other, promoting individual skills and quality and customer-oriented thinking and action.

Role in the company:

Operational Manager and empath, with strong diplomatic skills.

Why do you love Epoxies:

"Epoxies are so diverse and can be combined with a wide range of hardeners and additives, even though they only cover a very small area of chemistry. The work in this area is incredibly exciting and versatile because even a minimal change can completely turn the entire system on its head."

We are advancing industrial developments by thinking and acting innovatively

What initially began as a spin-off from the Central Research and Development department of Siemens in 1988, resulted in the foundation of EPOXONIC GmbH in 1990 by Reiner Habrich, Manfred Bauer and Manfred Hoefle.

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Back then just as today, its line of business was the production of reactive resin systems based on epoxy resin – a demanding and ever fascinating area of responsibility with outstanding prospects.
More than three decades have passed since its foundation. A time during which the company has developed into a "hidden champion" in this very specific market. And for a number of reasons: EPOXONIC GmbH with its extensive know-how occupies an equally attractive and complex niche, while on the other hand, the company relies on trusting and cooperative relationships with its customers.
Since the beginning of 2011, Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Guggenberger has been supporting the EPOXONIC GmbH management in the role as Managing Director; since 2022 he has been supported by Monika Kreilinger as the Operational Manager. Customers and business partners can therefore be sure that the course set in 1990 will continue.
What's more, in 2011, Mr Habrich, EPOXONIC's majority shareholder, founded a non-profit foundation – the Reiner Habrich Foundation – to ensure EPOXONIC GmbH's continued existence.


Spin-off Siemens


Flexible casting compounds for heat meters


Foundation of EPOXONIC GmbH


Production of electrically conductive adhesives for chip mounting


Filler compounds for the refurbishment of sewage systems


Relocation to the new company premises


High-purity epoxy resin for microelectronics


Repair compounds for expansion joints of reinforced concrete bridges


Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001


Casting resins for automotive applications


Production of casting compounds for optoelectronics


High-performance moulding materials for medical engineering


DIBt approval for sewage repair compounds


Expansion of the management board through Ludwig Guggenberger


Securing the future by establishing the "Reiner Habrich Foundation“


Expansion of production space at the same location


Expansion of the management board through Monika Kreilinger


New DIBt approval for sewage repair compounds

Reliability, honesty and authenticity are values that we stand for

We are convinced that values form the basis of every successful partnership and cooperation.
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We keep our promises and deliver on time and in the highest quality. Our reliability is reflected in everything we do.


We believe that honesty is indispensable in every situation, whether in dealing with our customers, our employees or society at large. Therefore, we are also willing to acknowledge our mistakes and to learn from them.


We are genuine and transparent in everything we do. We are proud of our identity and rely on an open and honest communication and cooperation. Here you can find our values, which are enshrined in the Code of Conduct.

Here you can find our values, which are enshrined in the CODE OF CONDUCT

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