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Working time is life time!
At EPOXONIC, we go beyond the job – we offer you a pleasant work environment, a safe workplace and an exciting atmosphere where you can not only use your skills but also develop your passions.
A job at EPOXONIC means being part of a large family made up of experts and specialists.
Our employees matter to us – their experiences are the pulse of our company and give life to our culture.

The results of our employee survey speak for us:

  • … of all employees are proud to work at EPOXONIC.
  • … attest to a very good balance between their private life and work.
  • … have a good feeling when they go to work in the morning.
  • … feel treated fairly by their supervisor.

This is what our employees say about us:

Authentic, honest and inspiring

What's unique is the very good team spirit within the development department but also throughout the company. That's why I like to go to work and the joint company events are so much fun.

Andrea Wächter - Product Development

After completing my studies, I deliberately decided on a well-positioned, successful medium-sized company because I´m able to make a difference here and quickly take on responsibilities. To have this opportunity, I decided to change my place of residence. In my case, the company's trust and appreciation is also made clear by the fact that it makes my part-time MBA studies possible.

Ferdinand Gerblinger - Head of Development

As a new employee, I am happy about the great organisation at the start of my work. So my place had already been lovingly prepared, including a PC and training plan. In addition, a mentor is accompanying me for the first half of the year and is available for queries alongside the entire team. This is simply amazing.

Yasmin Wenzel - Product Development

The familiar working atmosphere at EPOXONIC is unique. Even after almost 20 years, the work is still a lot of fun and varied. I particularly enjoy the free time management for my tasks – while of course, taking into account the delivery dates.

Bernd Häusler - Production

Over the last 13 years, I have been able to develop from a laboratory assistant into an important link between all departments. In addition to my usual exciting tasks in the Development Department, I hold training courses, am responsible for maintenance and equipment calibration. In addition, I´m a specialist in casting and help out with production when necessary. The management, who always have an open door policy, support and motivate me, also play a major role in this.

Volkan Tutal - Product Development

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success, said Henry Ford. After 28 years of service, I can fully confirm this statement.

Angelika Bibinger - Quality Assurance

I have been with the company for 17 years and am a specialist and supervisor of the sewer renovation department. I feel very happy here. EPOXONIC is my second family. The company, in particular my boss, is willing to help me in all personal situations.

Leon Nguyen - Production

As a former cleaner at EPOXONIC, the interesting job and respectful approach here convinced me to such an extent that I decided to enter a new industry later in life. I am happy to give my best every day and can pass on my experiences to new employees. I even moved into the company apartment with my family, have made friends among my colleagues and feel very happy here.

Ivan Bencak - Production

At EPOXONIC, nationality and religion play no role. Everyone treats each other as equals. Even if the company language is German, we engage with each other, so that no one has to worry about language issues. As a mother of two, I am able to work part-time and to flexibly adjust my working hours thanks to flexitime.

Maria Boura - Quality Assurance

Thanks to the flexitime in the mornings, the company allows me to start work flexibly, which I need in case of traffic jams or problems with public transport. At EPOXONIC, an "open-door" attitude is lived – all problems and ideas are heard. We all support each other here and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our more experienced colleagues. Our cooperation is additionally strengthened through various events. In short, EPOXONIC is a great employer!

Pascal Cush - Production

We are proud to be able to offer numerous advantages to our employees

From us you can expect a friendly and family-like environment as well as a pleasant working atmosphere, which is characterised by great cooperation.
Our team consists of highly qualified and trained employees who form the heart of our company.

Ready to join our team?

We are looking for people who are as reliable as we are.
People who like to take on responsibility, to contribute their own ideas and who want to develop further with us and alongside us.

We are always looking for the following professionals (m/f/d)

  • Chemical engineers
  • Plastics engineers
  • Chemists
  • Chemical technical assistant
  • Chemical technician
  • Laboratory chemists
  • Production assistants
  • Shipping/order processing officer
  • Career changers

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