One-Part-Adhesive for Automotive applications

EPOXONIC 333 is a One-Part-Adhesive with outstanding resistance against engine oils up to 150°C continuous operating temperature

EPOXONIC 333, an epoxy based One-Part-Adhesive with high toughness, is characterized by high bond strength on various substrates like stainless steel, aluminium, PBT, PA 6.6 and even on elastomers. Furthermore this high adhesion strength remains nearly unaffected by immersion in engine oil, also regenerated oils containing critical additives, for more than 1000 hours at 150°C. This was tested on stainless steel/elastomer peel test specimen having a peel strength of 10 N/mm. A high glass transition temperature leads to bond connections with high strength and temperature resistance. Because of its toughness properties EPOXONIC 333 is very well suited for connections with high demand for temperature cycle stability.

EPOXONIC 333 is also well suited for serial processing with automated dispensing equipment and high requirements for dispensing very small volumes and highly precise dispensed dots or lines. Pot life of about one week at 25°C offers the best precondition for an automated processing in the automotive industry.

For example EPOXONIC 333 and similar One-Part-Adhesives are used for fixation of magnets in an aluminium housing for small motors and in the electrical industry for bonding of GRP and CRP high voltage insulators to aluminium flanges.

Technical Data Sheet EPOXONIC 333

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