Flexible Epoxy Potting Compounds without Acid Anhydrides

Acid anhydrides are commonly used hardeners in epoxy resin casting applications for different industries. Two well known representatives of this class of epoxy hardeners are Hexahydrophthalic Anhydride and Methyl-Hexahydrophthalic Anhydride which are both on the REACH SVHC list (substances of very high concern) since several years. This means a high risk of future availability or rather strong restrictions for usage even in formulations like casting compounds.

Therefore EPOXONIC has made great efforts to develop epoxy resin casting compounds free of acid anhydrides. First positive results are achieved in the area of flexible epoxy materials. EPOXONIC 361 is a typical representative of this new class of epoxy resins with excellent long term temperature stability. Based on EPOXONIC 361 there are also heat conductive and flame resistant versions available.

Main applications for these casting compounds are heat conductive potting of stator windings, protection of pressure sensitive devices or use in sensor applications for ultrasonic damping.

Datasheet EPOXONIC 361

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