The success story will continue

On October, 1st, 2015, EPOXONIC GmbH will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding – a jubilee not every company involved with high-technology gets to celebrate. For us, naturally, it´s a milestone with a special meaning: on the one hand, it represents the best justification of the path we have chosen; on the other, it is a great motivator. For these reasons, we are certain that many more EPOXONIC jubilees will follow.

To survive and thrive for so long in this market, various criteria have to be fulfilled. Criteria that touch the very core – the economic foundations – of the company. Also called for is an approach geared towards the future, involving systematic investment and the constant striving for innovation. The following factors should give you a quick insight into our corporate culture. They are pillars that have assured the success of EPOXONIC GmbH and the foundation upon which we aim to build in the course of the coming 25 years.

         - The basis for innovative products: investment in the field of development;
            around one third of the EPOXONIC-staff is engaged in material development

         - Systematic quality and risk management

         - Intelligent product development in close cooperation with partners

         - Support of our customers in the development of optimized process technologies

            for reaction resin processing (in cooperation with the best equipment manufacturers)


You can order the anniversary brochure "25 years individual solutions in epoxy" here:

                                   Jubiläumsbroschüre 2015

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