Flexible epoxy resin casting compound without acid anhydride

Epoxy resin compounds are well known as brittle materials with very high strength. Properties like flexibility, high elongation and low modulus are normally associated with polyurethanes and silicones.

EPOXONIC´s flexible epoxy resins show elongation at break up to 350 % and hardness values below Shore A10. This flexibility is combined with a long-term heat resistance up to 150 °C, even up to 180 °C for short time exposure. Therefore these products offer in many cases an optimum alternative if a silicone-free material is needed.

Long-term investigations performed by EPOXONIC´s customers show that the flexibility is maintained to a large extent if the material is exposed to 150 °C. There are products available which retain more than 50 % of their original elongation at break after 2000 hours at 150 °C, special types retain more than 70 %. These materials with glass transition temperatures of about -40 °C are very well suited for temperature shock requirements.

Flexible epoxy resins are used e.g. for potting of pressure-sensitive electronic devices and for the manufacturing of silicone-free thermally conductive foils. In adhesive applications these materials can help to reduce mechanical stress within the bond line, caused by thermal mismatch of the bonded substrates.

Data Sheet EPOXONIC 361

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